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A selection of literature from the webmaster's bookshelf.


Jaroslav Hašek

Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za světové války

Ottovo nakladatelství Praha 2000

Czech edition with coloured drawings by Josef Lada.

Jaroslav Hašek

The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk during the World War

Keenan, Sadlon & Lord Inc. 1997,2000,2009

The most recent English translation of Švejk. Available as paperback, Kindle and PDF. Three volumes. Book one with Mike Joyce as co-translator. Book two, three and four with James Klagge as editor.

Jaroslav Hašek

The Good Soldier Švejk and his fortunes in the world war

Penguin Books 1973

The first unabridged translation of Švejk into English. Biographical information on the author, a section on the historical and cultural context and an analysis on the character Švejk. Maps included.

Jaroslav Hašek

Die Abenteuer des braven Soldaten Schwejk

Aufbau Verlag Gmbh 2008

The first ever translation of Švejk was completed in 1926 and paved the way for the novels international fame. It was until 2014 the only German translation of the novel.

Jaroslav Hašek

The Good Soldier Schweik

Penguin Books 1930

The first English translation by Paul Selver, a professional translator. Shortened and bowdlerised, but the literary qualities appreciated by some readers (J.P. Stern).

Jaroslav Hasek

Den tapre soldat Svejk

Tiden Norsk Forlag 1968

Norwegian translation in three volumes. Shortened. Translated from Swedish, Danish and German.


Radko Pytlík

Jaroslav Hašek
Data - Fakta - Dokumenty

Emporius 2013

[10] Chronological fact-file on Jaroslav Hašek and his environs. Detailed collection of information, presented as three parallel threads: the author, the epoch, and literature. Marred by errors and lack of editing, in particular with regards to Hašek's time in the Austro-Hungarian army.

Radko Pytlík

Toulavé house

Emporius 1971

[4] Regared the ultimate biography on Jaroslav Hašek. First published in 1970 by long-time leading authority on Hašek. It is well-written and partly forms the base for Cecil Parrott's "Bad Bohemian". Several updated editions have since been published.

Zdena Ančík

O životě Jaroslav Haška

Československý spisovatel 1953

The first scholarly biography on Jaroslav Hašek. The first step in the communist 'canonisation' of Hašek.Weak on the author's time in the k.u.k. Heer and in Russia. Marred by tiresome ideological interpretations.

Franta Sauer a Ivan Suk

In memoriam Jaroslava Haška

Družtevní nakladatelství kniha 1924

The first (and very short) biography on Jaroslav Hašek. Drawings by Hašeks friends Jaroslav Kubín and Jaroslav Panuška. Many factual errors.

Cecil Parrott

The Bad Bohemian

Abacus 1983

Biography on Jaroslav Hašek, in parts based on Toulavé house. Even improves on it with regards to references and literature lists.

Emanuel Frynta

Hašek the creator of Schweik

Artia 1965

About the literary work of Jaroslav Hašek, few biographical details. Many photos and very readable.

Jaroslav Křížek

Jaroslav Hašek v revolučním Rusko

Naše vojsko - SPB 1957

Thorough study of Hašek's life during his time in the k.u.k army and his time in Russia. Marred by a strong ideological undercurrent.

Vladimír Stejskal

Hašek na Lipnici

Krajské nakladatelstvi 1953

About Hašek's stay at Lipnice.

Radko Pytlík

Jaroslav Hašek in Briefen, Bildern und Erinnerungen

Aufbau-Verlag 1983

A collection of photos, letters and other accounts. Czech original: Lidský profil Jaroslava Haška.

Josef Kaláš (editor)

Jaroslav Hašek ve fotografii

Československý spisovatel 1959

Photos and background material.

Pavel Gan

Osudy humoristy Jaroslava Haška v říši carů a komisařů i doma v Čechách.

Atlantis 2003

Novel about the life of Jaroslav Hašek from the break-out of WW1 until the author's death. Fact-based, albeit with fictional people, events and dialogues mixed in. Often difficult to tell where facts end and fiction begins.

Jan Berwid-Buquoy

Die Abenteuer des gar nicht so braven Humoristen Jaroslav Hašek

BI-HI Verlag Berlin 1989

Biography partly based on Hašek's own stories with comments by the author. There is considerable focus on disproving alleged myths created by "marxist" Haškologists.

Jan Berwid-Buquoy

JAROSLAV HAŠEK UND SEIN "BRAVER SOLDAT SCHWEJK" - Tschechische Bürger, österreichische Soldaten oder russische Bolschewiken

Re Di Roma Verlag, Remscheid 2011

In German and Czech. Speculative biography - error-ridden and often off-topic. Czech title: Jaroslav Hašek a jeho ‚dobrý voják Švejk‘ – Čeští občané, rakouští vojáci anebo ruští bolševici?

Gustav Janouch

Jaroslav Hašek: Der Vater des braven Soldaten Schweik

Francke Verlag 1966

Biography on Jaroslav Hašek. Solidly documented and well written, at times speculative.

Emil Artur Longen

Můj přitel Jaroslav Hašek

Melantrich 1983

One of the early biographies, written by a friend of Hašek. Regarded as unreliable due to its form as a novel.

Václav Menger

Jaroslav Hašek doma

Sfinx Bohumil Janda Praha 1935

Deals with the years up 1914, and a prime source for information about Hašek's childhood and youth. Regarded as unreliable and in 1946 a revised edition appeared (Lidský profile Jaroslava Haška).

Václav Menger

Jaroslav Hašek zajatec čislo 294217

Sfinx Bohumil Janda Praha 1934

Novel about Hašek's time in the k.u.k Heer, in captivity and his stay in Ukraine in 1916 and 1917. Of little value to researchers.

Radko Pytlík / Miroslav Laiske

Bibliografie Jaroslav Haška

Státni pedagogické nakladatelství Praha 1960

Hašek's work and literature about him.

Boris Mědílek

Bibliografie Jaroslav Haška

Památník národního písemnictví Praha 1983

The most recent and detailed bibliography of Jaroslav Hašek's work. Contains secondary literature, books, translations and newspaper items.

Břetislav Ludvík

Kdo je Jaroslav Hašek

Orbis Praha 1946

"Who is Jaroslav Hašek". Brief biography. Considered unreliable and contains improbable claims that Hašek meet Mussolini in Trento in 1908...




Lulu 2013

The most comprehensive fact-file on the novel ever published. Page for page break-down of Pyotr Bogytaryov's Russian translation, with information on translation details, language, people, places, literature, history, public and private institutions, publications, and troop units.

Radko Pytlík

Kniha o Švejkovi

Panorama 1983

The first ever complete book published about Švejk. Study of the novel: backdrop, composition, reception. Literary analysis.

Cecil Parrott

A study of Švejk and the short stories

Cambridge University Press 1982

Comprehensive study by the second British translator of Švejk who also was a leading expert on Hašek. Particularly strong on the historical setting.

Radko Pytlík

Osudy a cesty Josefa Švejka

Emporius 2003

[5] Facts and discussions about the novel and its background. Party overlaps with Kniha o Švejkovi.

Radko Pytlík

Jaroslav Hašek a dobrý voják Švejk

Verlag Schola ludus Pragensia 1994

About the life and work of Jaroslav Hašek, a good introduction to the theme.

Radko Pytlík

Jaroslav Hašek und der brave Soldat Schweik

Panorama 1983

About the life and work of Jaroslav Hašek, a good introduction to the theme.

Radko Pytlík

Thus Spake Švejk

Emporius 1997

Quotes from the novel and accounts from Hašek's short stories.

Radko Pytlík

Also sprach Schwejk

Emporius 1997

Quotes from the novel and accounts from Hašek's short stories.

Radko Pytlík

Così parlò Švejk

Emporius 1999

Quotes from the novel and accounts from Hašek's short stories.

Milan Hodík

Encyklopedie pro milovníky Švejka

Academia Praha 1998

Detailed meta-text on themes related to the novel and its environs. Well researched albeit with unnecessary filler material (like entries on football and hair).

Milan Hodík - Pavel Landa

Švejk - Fikce a fakty

Naše vojsko 2006

Uncovering many of the realia behind Švejk. Marshal Radetzky, the 91st infantry regiment, and some of the real-life models for characters in the novel. Solid and no-nonsense research.

Pavel Petr

Hašeks "Schwejk" in Deutschland

Rütten & Loening Berlin 1963

Comprehensive study of the novel with an emphasis on its reception and interpretation in Germany.

Josef Lada

Die Abenteuer des braven Soldaten Schweijk in Bildern

Artia Prag - Eulenspiegel Verlag Berlin 1975 (1961)

Many rare illustrations by Lada, accompanied by extracts from the novel. The title of the Czech original: Můj přítel Švejk.

Radko Pytlík

Idiots have priority

Emporius 1999

Summary and translation of parts of Pytlík's earlier writing on Hašek and Švejk.


Jaroslav Hašek

Dobrý voják Švejk v zajetí

Československý spisovatel 1972

The second version of Švejk, written in Kiev during the war. A short novel which uses some of the themes that later were to appear in the novel. Often crude propaganda.

Jaroslav Hašek

Dějiny strany mírného pokroku v mezích zákona

Slunovrat Československý spisovatel 1977

Short-stories centred around the "Party of moderate progress within the law".

Jaroslav Hašek

Průvodčí cizinců a jiné satiry z cest i z domova

Adolf Synek Praha 1925

Short-stories from "Sebrané spisy", selected by Antonín Dolenský (volume 6).

Jaroslav Hašek

Dobrý voják Švejk před válkou a jiné podivné historky

Státní nakladatelství krásné literatury, hudby a umění Praha 1957

"The Good Soldier Švejk before the war and other strange stories". Collection of short stories, including the first five stories written about Švejk in 1911.

Jaroslav Hašek

Bachura Scandal and Other Stories and Sketches

Angel Classics 2004

A collection of short stories translated by Alan Menhennet

Jaroslav Hašek

Když bolševici zrušili vánoce

Modrý stůl Praha 2005

"When the Bolsheviks abolished Christmas". Short stories, some of which were not published during communist rule as they openly ridiculed Lenin etc. Also includes stories that may not have originated from Hašek. Important epilogue highlighting the role of Břetislav Hůla in collecting material of relevance to Hašek.

Jaroslav Hašek

Veselé povídky

Naše vojsko 2007

"Happy stories". Short stories, illustrated by Josef Lada.

Jaroslav Hašek

Loupežný vrah před soudem

Státní nakladatelství krásné literatury, hudby a umění Praha 1958

"Robbing killer in court". Collection of short stories.

Jaroslav Hašek

Terciánská vzpoura a jiné povídky

Terciánská vzpoura a jiné povídky 1960

"The third grade revolt and other strange stories". Stories mostly related to Hašek's childhood. Collected and commented by Vladimír Stejskal.

Jaroslav Hašek

Utrpení pana Tenkráta

Československý spisovatel 1961

"The misery of Mr. Tenkrát". Collection of short stories.

Jaroslav Hašek

Praha ve dne i v noci aneb týden mezi dacany

Československý spisovatel 1973

"Prague during day and night or a week amongst villains". Collection of short stories and many photos from turn of the century Prague.

Jaroslav Hašek

Fialový hrom

Československý spisovatel 1961

Collection of short stories. Notes by Zdena Ančík and Milan Jankovič.

Jaroslav Hašek

Reelní podnik

Československý spisovatel 1977

Collection of short stories, nearly 700 pages. Illustrations by Josef Lada.

Jaroslav Hašek

Opilecké historky

Baset 2003

"Drunken stories". Short stories related to intake of alcohol.

Jaroslav Hašek

The Red Comissar

Heinemann London 1981

A collection of short stories translated by Cecil Parrot. Contains the five stories Hašek wrote about Švejk in 1911 and a selection of the Bugulma stories.

Jaroslav Hašek

Die schönsten Geschichten

Aufbau 2009

German translation of short stories.

Jaroslav Hašek

Das Hašek Lesebuch

Diogenes 2008

German translation of short stories. Foreword by Gustav Janouch.

Jaroslav Hašek

Die Partei des maßvollen Fortschritts in den Grenzen der Gesetze

Suhrkamp Verlag 1971

German translation of "The party of moderate progress within the limits of the law (Czech original 1963).

Jaroslav Hašek

Böhmische Küche

Verlag der Nation Berlin 1985

A collection of the better known short stories, containing those from Bugulma.

Jaroslav Hašek

Kleine Erzählungen eines grossen Meisters

Presseagentur Orbis Prag 1984

A few selected stories, including the "Party of moderate progress ...".


Walter Schaumschula (editor)

West Slavic contributions/Westslavische Beitrage

Verlag Peter Lang 1989

Contributions to the Hašek-conference in Bamberg in 1983.

Mezinárodní konference.

Český svaz spisovatelů, Ústav pro českou a světovou literaturu ČSAV a československý svaz novinářů 1983

Dílo Jaroslav Haška v boji za mír a pokrok mezi národy Dobříš 20.-22.4 1983. Contributions to the Hašek-conference in Dobříš 1983.

Společnost Jaroslava Haška

Mezinárodní konference Hašek a Švejk, humor tisíciletí

Kraj Vysočina 2003

Contributions to the Hašek-conference in Lipnice 2003.

Klara Köttner-Benigni / Konrad Biricz

Der brave soldat Schwejk in Österreich

Volk und Heimat 1983

[6] Detailed study of the scenes of the part of Švejk that took part on the territory of current Austria.

Alexandr Drbal

Cestou necestou Jaroslava Haška a Josefa Švejka po Rakousku, Maďarsku, Slovensku, Polsku, Ukrajine a SNS v 21. století.

Drbal 2008

Presentation from the Hašek-conference in Lipnice nad Sázavou in 2008. Focus on memorials and places connected with Hašek. Available on CD as PPT and PDF.

Frank Marlow

Rejstrřík ke Švejkovi

Sixty-Eight Publishers, Toronto 1985

"Footnote" to the novel with alphabetic listing of people, places, expressions etc. Lacking in detail.


Edmund Glaise-Horstenau (ed.)

Österreich-Ungarns letzter Krieg II

Österreichische Kriegsarchiv 1931

[9] Second part of the gigantic seven volume history of the first world war. This volume covers 1915 up to the end of August. Contains maps and schematics as appendix.

F.P. Vožický

Kronika světové války 1914-19

F.P. Vožický 1919

"Chronicle of the world war". Czech view of the world war.

Norman Stone

The Eastern Front 1914-1917

Penguin Books 1975

Regarded the primary English language reference work on the subject.

Brigitte Hamann

Der erste Weltkrieg. Wahrheit und Lüge in Bildern und Texten

Piper München Zürich 2008

The first world war. Truth and lies in text and illustrations.

Verlag J. Steinbrenner

Der Soldatenfreund. 1915 Kalender

Verlag J. Steinbrenner 1915

"Calendar for everyone belonging to the armed forces". Referred to by Jaroslav Hašek in the novel in connection with field chaplain Ibl's speech (which is copied from this volume).

Egon Erwin Kisch

Gesammelte Werke

Aufbau-Verlag Berlin unf Weimar 1987

[7] In the chapter Konsignation über verbotene Lokale: a report on 11 establishments in Prague which the authorities forbade members of the k.u.k armed forces to visit.

Otakar Vaněk (ed)

Za svobodu

Nákladem vlastním 1925

Illustrated chronicle of the Czechoslovak revolutionary movement in Russia 1914-1920. Four volumes.

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