Anabase Jaroslava Haška 2010


On 30 April 2010 I started a six month period of travelling in the footsteps of Jaroslav Hašek, from Školská ulice 16 in Prague where he was born in 1883 to Lipnice nad Sázavou where he died nearly 40 years later.

Please note that there is no activity on this page any more as the trip was completed on 29 October 2010. However, development on the web pages is continuing.

Here are the latest updates...

During these forty years, Hašek lived an extraordinary life; it can by no means be described by drawing a straight line from Prague to Lipnice, nor does it fit on a simple web page. His travels took him as far as beyond Lake Baikal in Siberia and to numerous other places on the Eurasian continent.

Making travel plans accordingly is thus complicated, so the main emphasis is on the years 1915 to 1920. During this time his whereabouts are relatively well known, and he also documents parts of it himself in his satirical masterpiece The Good Soldier Švejk. From Prague to Western Ukraine I followed Švejk's route although it in some cases deviates from the author's journey. From then on I based the itinerary on material by Pavel Gan, Alexandr Drbal and Radko Pytlík.

I visited 13 countries on the trip: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Sweden. The distance travelled was an estimated 25,000 kilometres; using ferries, trains, buses, one bicycle, taxis and private cars. I also walked an estimated 500 km. During these six months, I spent seven weeks in Russia, seven in the Czech Republic, four in Ukraine and two weeks or less in the other countries. The longest single leg was from Irkutsk to Moscow on the way back, it lasted 75 hours. The trip was all in all very successful; I achieved all I set out to do (and even more), met many fine people, kept healthy and suffered only minor misfortunes. Please see the detailed itinerary below for further information.

More material on Jaroslav Hašek and his hero Josef Švejk can be found on the following pages:


These maps together show the full itinerary:

Detailed itinerary

Oslo 30.04.2010 Departure

Birthday of Jaroslav Hašek. My last day at work before November 1st. Half day at work, picked up Kazakh visa, Baudelaire hour with Gro and Marianne at "Venterommet Pub". Leaving 17:00 with DFDS ferry for København.

København 01.05.2010 01.05.2010 Bonus break

An unexpected 6 hours in the Danish capital. Visit Cafe Svejk. Night train to München.

München 02.05.2010 04.05.2010 Preparation

Visit Dr Pavel Gan and Larissa. Conversations with and recordings of Pavel Gan. I was given a lot of background material. Haircut, thanks Larissa!

Praha 04.05.2010 22.05.2010 Tourist

Arrival 14:58 by coach from Nürnberg. Accommodation in Žižkov. Semicultural Scandinavian evening at "Dobrý Den", Flora. Visiting two local pubs on the way home, one of them with live music.

Praha 05.05.2010 Tourist in Žižkov

With Arild at "U jelínků" and "U medvídku". With Arild and Johnny in "Pivovarský Klub" (Karlín). Judith, sister and Arild at "U vystřelého oka". A few late beers with Arild in local pub.

Praha 06.05.2010 To Hanspaulka

Transfer to Hanspaulka in Dejvice. Walking Žižkov-Staroměstská metro. Lunch at "U parlamentu". Welcomed by Richard with Švejk vodka from Bugulma. With Richard for a few beers at "Na hanspaulce".

Praha 07.05.2010 Hanspaulka and Flora

Planning for the next week, who to meet and what to do. Walking to Flora and visit Johnny at "Dobrý den".

Praha 08.05.2010 Dejvice and Hradčany

65th anniversary of liberation, joint Czech/Slovak celebration in Dejvická ulice. Walk on Hradčany.

Praha 09.05.2010 Liboc

Scanning Pavel Gan's documents. Visited Jaroslav Šerák and family.

Praha 10.05.2010 Nové město

Official Hašek-trip start with Richard. Solemn start at "U Kalicha". Meeting co-owner Pavel Töpfer, and given a Švejk t-shirt. On to "U kotvy" and "U jelínků". Fun at the latter.

Praha 11.05.2010 Nové město

Doing the first six chapters on Švejk, visiting all key points.

Praha 12.05.2010 Staré město

Arrival of Dr Hans-Peter Laqueur. Visit to Staré město.

Praha - Lipnice nad Sázavou 13.05.2010 Quick detour

Overnight trip to Lipnice. Tasting the new excellent Haškův ležák, brewed specially for "Česká koruna". Met Michal Giacintov and Jaroslav Koudrna, both in k.u.k uniforms. Hungarian party headed by László Polgár arrived.

Lipnice nad Sázavou - Praha 14.05.2010 Book fair

Back to Prague in miserable weather. Bookfair "Svět knihy" in Holešovice. Launch of new edition of Karel Vaněk's Švejk illustrated by Petr Urban, event co-hosted by Dr Radko Pytlík. Pub-visit with Urban, Pytlík, Hašek, Polgár et al.

Praha 15.05.2010 Nové město to Hradčany

Starting at "U Kalicha", walking with Hans-Peter the route of Švejk from home to the Garrison prison at Hradčany. Beer festival with Lászlo, Zsofia and Eero Balk. Ceremonial visit to Hašek-statue in Žižkov and the last of many beers at "U vystrřeleného oka".

Praha 16.05.2010 Hradčany to Karlín

Walking Hradčany to Karlín, following Švejk's route to Otto Katz. Visit to Malá strana. Meeting Terje B. Englund in Dejvice.

Praha 17.05.2010 Dejvice

Seeing Hans-Peter safely off. Walk to Florenc to take photos of some missing places. Visited "U rudolfina".

Praha 18.05.2010 Getting the Field altar

Walk Dejvice-Holešovice, then Karlín-Vršovice-Hradčany-Dejvice.

Praha 19.05.2010 Břevnov-Řepy

Walk Dejvice-Hradčany-Břevnov. Instead of the intended Motol I ended up in Řepy. The weather was cold, wet and windy.

Praha 20.05.2010 Meeting Haškologs

Meeting literary historian Radko Pytlík and film director Antonín Kachlík.

Praha 21.05.2010 Farewell to Prague

Short visit to "Dobrý Den" to say goodbye to Johnny. Visit to barracks in Vršovice. Rocking farewell party with Richard and Milena at "U Slamníku" in Bubeneč.

Praha - Tábor22.05.2010 Down to Tábor

Farewell to Richard Hašek, the perfect host. Train to Tábor. Meeting Dr Dr Jan Berwid-Buquoy to pick up his book in Měšice. Beer and CL-final with Jindra and Michal.

Tábor 23.05.2010 Ice hockey

Long sleep and wandering in the town. Watching the ice-hockey final with Jindra, Michal, Radek and Alena at "U lva".

Tábor - Milevsko 24.05.2010 Start of Švejkova budějovická anabase

A gruelling 30+ km walk without a map. Got lost three times and had to seek shelter in the railway pub in Milevsko due to a thunderstorm. Finally found accommodation at 22:30.

Milevsko - Zvíkovské podhradí 25.05.2010 Slowing down

A less ambitious 17 km leg two, but still hard with a heavy backpack. Accommodation in the local brewery. Can hardly move my feet and aching in unmentionable places. Walked through Květov, a village of Švejk note. Decided to abandon the plan of carrying the backpack all the way. Will move to Písek and use it as a base and do further legs by taking the bus to the starting point early in the morning. Reason: the thing is heavy, the electronics doesn't like humidity and accommodation in the villages is far and few between.

Zvíkovské podhradí - Písek 26.05.2010 Looking for shelter

Accommodation for seven nights at U Kloudů in Písek. Good day and new findings at "Státní okresní archiv".

Zvíkovské podhradí - Vráž - Čížová 27.05.2010 Wet half-marathon

Office work in the morning, walking in the afternoon. Wet and miserable.

Čížová - Malčín - Sedlice - Radomyšl 28.05.2010 New discoveries

Setting off 6:30. Fog in the morning but the weather improved. Excellent few hours at Radomyšl where I was able to locate Dolejší ulice, "Floriánek" and the place where the farmer Melichárek lived (he was a real person who Hašek allegedly knew personally).

Radomyšl - Štěkeň - Ražice 29.05.2010 Painful experiences

Taking the train to Radomyšl and walking to Štěkeň, and cutting the visit to the Putím hay-stack short. Severe pains in private parts led me to Ražice to take the train home somewhat prematurely.

Ražice - Skočice - Protivín 30.05.2010 - Looking for sheep-sheds

Using Skočice as the symbolic location of the Schwarzenberg sheep-shed. It was probably located in the forest above the village (according to Dr Pytlík). It was wet, so I skipped the trip up the hillside.

Protivín - Putim - Písek 31.05.2010 The final leg

The final leg of the anabase. Visit to Putim, and got facts about the village confirmed. First dry day since Tábor, but very windy and cold.

Písek 01.06.2010 02.06.2010 Recovering

Short trip to Putim to visit the location of the former Ražická bašta

Písek - České Budějovice 02.06.2010 Back at my regiment

Awful weather. Went back to Tábor to pick up my books.

České Budějovice 03.06.2010 Back at the regiment

Met Honza Veselý for innumerable beers and visit to Jihočeské Muzeum. Great day.

České Budějovice 04.06.2010 Back at the regiment

Hangover after too many Budvar. Visiting and photographing places associated with Hašek. Evening with Veselý family. Good company and another late night.

České Budějovice - Bruck an der Leitha 05.06.2010 To Királyhida

Early start, 7:12 to České Velenice, walked to Gmünd. Good weather. Train to Vienna, then on to Bruck. Oddny and Jan arrived. Surprised at the station by Wolfgang Gruber!

Bruck an der Leitha 06.06.2010 Stadtrundgang

Guided tour of Bruck with Friedrich Petzneck, Wolfgang Gruber and Elisabeth Gruber. Visit to Stadtmuseum Ungarturm. I was handed studies on Švejk's stay in Királyhida and an overview of historical cafes and guest houses.

Bruck an der Leitha 07.06.2010 Brucker Lager

Guided tour of Brucker Lager by Truppenübungsplatzkommandant Neuhold and Wolfgang Gruber.

Bruck an der Leitha 08.06.2010 Bratislava

Day-trip to Bratislava on a hot day.

Bruck an der Leitha 09.06.2010 Eisenstad

Morning at leisure, Oddny and Jan in Vienna. Afternoon as guest of writer and Hašek-expert Klara Köttner-Benigni and husband Walter Benigni in Eisenstadt.

Bruck an der Leitha 10.06.2010 Neusiedler See

Cycle-trip to Rust in scorching heat.

Bruck an der Leitha 11.06.2010 No program

Another meeting with Wolfgang Gruber and Friedrich Petzneck.

Bruck - Wien - Olomouc 12.06.2010 To Olomouc

Oddny and Jan leaving in the evening. Gruber drove the visitors to Vienna Airport. I carried on to Olomouc as guest of Michal Giacintov.

Olomouc 13.06.2010 Skansen, fort, breweries and Banát

Visit to Haná folk museum, Fort 17, Moritz brew-pub, Svatováclavský brewpub. Slide show and talk on Czechs in Banát at "U Kuděje".

Olomouc - Wien 14.06.2010 Back to the Capital

Train back to Vienna via Břeclav. No particular agenda. Arvid arrived in the evening.

Wien 15.06.2010 K.u.k Haupstadt

No agenda apart from being scruffy tourists and watching football.

Wien 16.06.2010 K.u.k Haupstadt

Schönbrunn und Fußball. Raining all day.

Wien 17.06.2010 K.u.k Haupstadt

Heeresgeschichtliche museum and football.

Wien 18.06.2010 K.u.k Haupstadt

Trip to Gumpoldskirchen and football. Arduous night on the town.

Wien - Győr 19.06.2010 Hangover and good luck

Left mobile on the train to Bruck, got it back. Failed to pick up photos.

Győr 20.06.2010 Holiday

Relaxing and catching up on "office work".

Győr - Budapest 21.06.2010

Back to Bruck to pick up photos. Onwards via Komárom to Budapest Keleti. Met László Polgár in the evening.

Budapest 22.06.2010 Hungarian bohemists

Long walks in bad weather. Met László Polgár, and other local "bohemists" at "U Ferdinanda". Interviewed by Hungarian State Radio.

Budapest 23.06.2010 Good meeting

Long walk to Rakosrendezö, which I have wrongly believed was were Švejk's train stopped. Interesting meeting with local bohemists at "Bem sörözö" in the evening.

Budapest 24.06.2010 A museum and an embassy

Walking to Buda and the Military History Museum. Watching Italy crash out, who will miss them? Farewell to László Polgár and Miloš Vnuk at the Czech Embassy and Ferenc Jószef sörözö.

Budapest - Hatvan 25.06.2010 To Hatvan

Trip to Rakospalota and Ujpest to at least have visited these places associated with Švejk. Onwards to Kistarcsa, Isaszeg, Gödöllő, Aszód and Hatvan. Overnight in Újhatvan.

Hatvan - Sátoraljaújhely 26.06.2010 Without goulash


Sátoraljaújhely 27.06.2010 Having a break

Organising photos and notes. No program apart from football.

Sátoraljaújhely - Humenné 28.06.2010 The 96th anniversary of Sarajevo

Stopping at Lastovce, Trebišov and Michalovce. Camera stolen.

Humenné 29.06.2010 Backtracking

Going back to recreate stolen photos. Meeting local český spolek na pivo.

Humenné 30.06.2010 Pause

Visiting local newspaper and museum. Buying new camera. Thanks to Peter Procházka, Petr Tymeš and Jarmila Břičká for help and good company.

Humenné - Medzilaborce 1.7.2010 The Laborec Valley

Photo-session with Švejk. Walking from Brestov to Radvaň nad Laborcom

Medzilaborce 2.7.2010 Excursion

Trips to Palota and Čabiny

Medzilaborce - Łupków 3.7.2010 Into Galicia

Office work. Train to Łupków.

Łupków - Sanok 4.7.2010 Down from the Carpathians

Train to Szczawne, walking to Zagórz, train to Sanok.

Sanok 5.7.2010 Planning

Planning onward journey to Przemyśl. Thanks to Bogdan Strúż for all the help, and the books and brochures.

Sanok - Tyrawa Wołoska 6.7.2010 Marschieren Marsch!

Walking and hitch-hiking to Tyrawa Wołoska, lift back to Sanok.

Tyrawa Wołoska - Krościenko 7.7.2010 Skinning a cow

Day-trip by bus and on foot to Liskowate and Krościenko.

Sanok - Khyriv 8.7.2010 Into captivity

Bus to Ustrzyki Dolne, train to Khyriv. Trip to Skelivka.

Khyriv - Przemyśl 9.07.2010 In prisoner transport

Train to Dobromyl, maršrutka to Mostyska and to the border. Crossed by foot to Medyka. Bus into town.

Przemyśl 9.07.2010 13.07.2010 In captivity

Taking part in "Manewry Szwejkowskie", the largest regular Švejk-arrangement anywhere. Thanks to Marek Chodań in particular.

Przemyśl - Sambir 13.07.2010

Maršrutka to Sambir.

Sambir - Lviv 14.07.2010

Train to the beautiful city of Lviv.

Lviv 15.07.2010 Great people

Meeting Vasyl, Halina and Anna.

Lviv 16.07.2010 The end of Švejk

Day-trip in scorching heat to Zhovtantsi and Velyki Kolodno.

Lviv 17.07.2010 Tourist

Tourist and office work at Hasova Lampa

Lviv - Sokal 18.07.2010 To the front

Two hour bus drive up to Sokal by the river Zapadny Buh

Sokal 18.07.2010 20.07.2010 Battle of Sokal

Sokal hora, Synagogue. Thank to Ivan and Maria Strilets for a bed and enormous amounts of food.

Sokal - Dubno 20.07.2010 Into the tsar's Empire

Bus to Dubno via Lutsk.

Dubno 21.07.2010 Captured

Trip to Chorupan where Hašek was captured on 24 September 1915.

Dubno 22.07.2010 Captured

Train trip to Zdolbuniv, a town that Hašek allegedly visited as POW in autumn 1915.

Dubno - Zhytomyr 23.07.2010 Towards the POW camps

Bus to Zhytomyr. Hašek might have walked this route in late September/early October 1915

Zhytomyr - Kyiv 24.07.2010 Towards the POW camps

Train to Kyiv. Thanks to Halina Karpenko and Tamara Cheradze.

Kyiv 24.7.2010 29.7.2010 Working for the Legions

In the Ukrainian capital where Hašek worked for the "Union of Czechoslovak associations" as a recruiter, and wrote for their newspaper "Czechoslovan". Visit to Darnitsya where Hašek spent 3 days in the transit camp in 1915. Trip to Borispol where Hašek was imprisoned after allegedly insulting a Russian officer (this story appears in various versions).

Kyiv - Sarny 29.7.2010

Pleasant train journey west.

Berezne 30.7.2010

Day trip to Berezne, until 15 August 1916 headquarters of Hašek's regiment (1.střelecký pluk "Mistra Jana Husi"). He was briefly employed as staff secretary here in early July 1916. Note in 2011: this was not the Berezne where Hašek was stationed.

Sarny - Ternopil 31.7.2010

Train via Zdolbuniv and Krasne. Took virtually all day.

Zboriv 1.8.2010

Day-trip to the memorial of the battle of Zborov.

Ternopil - Lviv 2.8.2010

Train back to Lviv.

Lviv 2.8.2010 5.8.2010 Česká Beseda

Meeting members of Česká Beseda. Visit to dentist.

Sokal 5.8.2010 8.8.2010 Private visit

Social visit: Ivan, Maria, Larissa, Robert, Tomas. Trips to Obenizhny and Komariv.

Sokal - Brody 8.8.2010

Maršrutky Sokal-Červonohrad-Brody. The last night ever in the Austrian Empire.

Brody - Berdychiv 9.8.2010

Train Brody-Zdolbuniv-Berdyčiv. The latter is the birthplace of Joseph Conrad, but also associated with Jaroslav Hašek.

Berdychiv - Bakhmach 10.8.2010 Into Eastern Ukraine

Train Berdychiv-Bachmach, arrive at 23:00

Bakhmach - Kharkiv 11.8.2010 Going east

Train Bakhmach-Kharkiv, 9:27 - 16:22.

Kharkiv 11.8.2010 13.8.2010 Having a rest

Hot days in Kharkiv.

Kharkiv - Kursk - Moskva 13.8.2010 14.8.2010 Into Russia

Comfortable trip and a short stop in sweltering Kursk (44 C). Night train to Moscow.

Moskva 14.8.2010 16.8.2010 Russian capital

Visited "U Švejka" with sushi on the menu. Restaurant Budvar with beer for RUB 320!

Moskva - Buzuluk 16.8.2010 17.8.2010 Towards Totskoye

Train #32 leaving Kazanskyi voksal at 17:20. Very comfortable overnight journey.

Buzuluk 17.8.2010 19.8.2010 Prisoner camp

Day-trip to Totskoye, site of the POW-camp where Hašek spent time from October/November 1915 until June 1916.

Buzuluk - Samara 19.8.2010

Train to Samara

Samara 20.8.2010 Samara museums

Visit sights associated with Hašek in Samara. City history museum and M.V Frunze museum.

Samara 21.8.2010 Hiding in the Mordvin countryside

Three hours journey to Sukhodol. Tschi-Khan mountain.

Samara 22.8.2010 Hiding in the Mordvin countryside

Trip to Bolsyaya Kamenka. Visited Café u Švejka in Samara

Samara - Ulyanovsk 23.8.2010 On to Simbrisk

Five hours on the bus

Ulyanovsk 24.8.2010 Lenin's home city

Lenin Museum and Volga promenade. Cadet School and Kafe Gasheka

Ulyanovsk - Kazan 25.8.2010 To Tatarstan

Train journey

Kazan 26.8.2010

Tourist in the Tatarstan capital.

Kazan - Bugulma 27.8.2010 Across the oil-fields

Six hours in a bus across Tatarstan.

Bugulma 28.8.2010 Deputy commander

Visit the local Jaroslav Hašek museum

Bugulma - Ufa 29.8.2010 To Bashkorostan

Train journey to Ufa.

Ufa 30.8.2010 31.8.2010 Bashkorostan

Visit places associated with Hašek. Pražkoje pivovar.

Ufa - Chelyabinsk 31.8.2010 1.9.2010 To Traktorgrad

Night train

Chelyabinsk 1.9.2010 2.9.2010 Into Siberia

Visit sites associated with Hašek (one memorial plaque). The railway station here was on 14 May 1918 the scene of an incident that triggered outbreak of hostilities between the Bolsheviks and the Czechoslovak legions.

Chelyabinsk - Petropavl 2.9.2010 3.9.2010 To Kazakhstan

On the South Ural railway

Petropavl 3.9.2010 5.9.2010 Kazakhstan

Tourist in a very pleasant city in Northern Kazakhstan

Petropavl - Omsk 5.9.2010 Back into Russia

Short 5 hour train journey

Omsk 5.9.2010 7.9.2010 Admiral Kolchak

Sights associated with Hašek. Restaurant U Švejka. Museums and sightseeing.

Omsk - Novosibirsk 7.9.2010 8.9.2010 From one big city to another

Night train east. Finally on the Transsiberian.

Novosibirsk 8.9.2010 9.9.2010 Tourist

Tourist in Siberia's largest city

Novosibirsk - Kemerovo 9.9.2010 Off the official track

Bus and passenger of Sergey Soloukh via Leninsk-Kuznetsky

Kemerovo 9.9.2010 11.9.2010 Švejkologs in Siberia

Guest of author and švejkolog Sergey Soloukh and wife Olga.

Kemerovo - Krasnoyarsk 11.9.2010 12.9.2010 On the Trans-Siberian again

Bus to Jurga. Night-train to Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk 12.9.2010 14.9.2010 Bigamy

Visiting places associated with Hašek. Tourist by the Yenisey river

Krasnoyarsk - Kansk 14.9.2010 Short trip

Four hours east, still in Krasnoyarsk region

Kansk 14.9.2010 15.9.2010 Celebrations

Hašek celebrated his 2nd marriage here in May 1920. Visit to the house (ul Kalinina)

Kansk - Irkutsk 15.9.2010 16.9.2010 Awkward hours

Fourteen hour train journey onwards to Irkutsk, arriving 3 in the morning.

Irkutsk 16.9.2010 20.9.2010 City soviet member

Four days visiting sights associated with Hašek and the Civil War. Hostel Baikaler. Good day trip to Kachug (17.9).

Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude 20.9.2010 21.9.2010 To Buryatia

Ulan-Ude 21.9.2010 23.9.2010 Buryat republic

Day-trip up the Selenga Valley to Gusinoye ozero

Ulan-Ude - Irkutsk 23.9.2010 The retreat starts

Train #1 in beautiful scenery

Irkutsk 23.9.2010 25.9.2010 Tourist

Time for washing clothes, writing and relaxing

Irkutsk - Moskva 25.9.2010 28.9.2010 The long retreat

Train #5 to Moscow. Computer stolen by restaurant staff.

Moskva 28.9.2010 30.9.2010 Resting

Resting, replacing stolen computer and installing software.

Moskva - Ivangorod 30.9.2010 1.10.2010 To the EU border

Train to the Ivangorod, walking to Narva at dawn

Narva 1.10.2010 3.10.2010 Being deloused

The returning POW's were deloused here

Narva - Tallinn 3.10.2010 To the ferry terminal

Bus to Tallinn

Tallinn 3.10.2010 4.10.2010 Old Tallinn

Sightseeing in the Estonian capital

Tallinn - Stockholm 4.10.2010 5.10.2010 Sea journey, TallinkSilja

TallinkSilja 17 hours

Stockholm 5.10.2010 6.10.2010 Stop-over

Visit Södermalm and Soldaten Svejk

Stockholm - Nynäshamn 6.10.2010 Baltic harbour

Suburban train Stockholm södra - Nynäshamn

Nynäshamn - Gdańsk 6.10.2010 7.10.2010 Sea journey, Polferries

18 hours across the Baltic Sea from Nynäshamn. Sleeping on the floor.

Gdańsk 7.10.2010 9.10.2010 Baltic port

Tourist in the historic city of Gdańsk

Gdańsk - Szczecin 9.10.2010 Through Pomerania

This journey should have been by sea but this is impractical nowadays.

Szczecin 9.10.2010 10.10.2010 Port of arrival

The steamer Kypros with Hašek on broad arrived here on 8 December 1920.

Szczecin - Dresden 10.10.2010 Stop in Berlin

Artur Longen claims Hašek visited Václav Spanda alias "Bretschneider" in Bülowstrasse 9-10, Berlin, in December 1920. Visited the location and nearby Nollendorfplatz where Schwejk was performed at Erwin Piscator's Volksbühne.

Dresden 10.10.2010 13.10.2010 On the Elbe

Private visit

Dresden - Pardubice 13.10.2010 Back home

Dresden to Pardubice via Liberec.

Pardubice 13.10.2010 15.10.2010 In quarantine

Two days in Pardubice. Visiting Hradec Králové and Jaroměř.

Pardubice - Olomouc 15.10.2010 Detour

Back to "U Kuděje" to report on the trip

Olomouc - Praha 16.10.2010 Return with the Kudějologové

Finally back in the Czech capital. Pub crawl with the Kudějologové.

Praha 17.10.2010 To Hanspaulka

Turned up at hotel in uniform with a severe hangover and minus an Austrian army cap. Later reported at Hanspaulka.

Praha 18.10.2010 Hanspaulka

Trying to recover lost army property. U hrocha and U černého vola.

Praha 19.10.2010 Guests

Visitors from Bergen and Vik arrived. Pizza and beer at Karlovo nám.

Praha 20.10.2010 After the war

Visitors from Bergen, Oslo, Liverpool, Liboc and Kemerovo. Meeting at Café Slavia, U kalicha, U Bansethů and Braunův sklep

Praha 21.10.2010 Fifty

Celebrating 50th birthday with a trip to Lipnice nad Sázavou. Continued at U černého vola, U kocoura, J.J Murphy and U medvídků.

Praha 22.10.2010 Slowing down

Visitors from Bergen and Vik going home. U bubeničků for the rest.

Praha 23.10.2010 Alone again

Sleeping. Visit to Budvarka and U černého vola.

Praha 24.10.2010 Tourist

Sleeping. Visit to Budvarka and U medvídků. Meeting Vladimír S, Adam, Olga, Vladimir B and Aljona.

Praha 25.10.2010 Tourist

Sleeping and admin work. Meeting Olga, Vladimir S and Alyona at U malého glena for blues concert.

Praha 26.10.2010 Tourist

Meeting Radko Pytlík and Richard Hašek.

Praha 27.10.2010 Tourist

Underground walk at Liboc with Jarda, Vladimir and Olga.

Praha 28.10.2010 Tourist

Final beer at U vystřeleného oka

Praha - Oslo 29.10.2010 Flying home

End of an adventure...